Chiropractic care helps adrenal fatigue

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Hello Everyone.  Todays post is about how Chiropractic care helps adrenal fatigue.  Most people don’t understand how Chiropractic care helps adrenal fatigue.  In fact most people think adrenal fatigue is a chemical imbalance.  In truth, it is…of sorts.

Chiropractic Care helps adrenal fatigue

Chiropractic Care helps adrenal fatigue


Firstly, it is important to define adrenal fatigue.  It is a condition in the body when fatigue is experienced and the individual is in a stress state on a nearly constant basis.  This state causes multiple chemical changes in the body affecting both physiology and mental/emotional health.


Thankfully, I am able to speak on this topic extensively as I am well educated in this topic as I am with other neuro-chemical processes.

Firstly, it is important to understand that the problem exists due to our culture and not as a result of some problem with the individual.  Our culture is becoming increasingly fast paced.  It pushes us towards existing in a stress state.  This stress state changes our chemistry over time.  Remember that our chemistry influences many aspects of our lives…our thoughts, emotions, happiness, spirituality, joy, sadness, weight, etc all rely on chemistry.


When our chemistry is out of balance so are we.  Our nervous systems are supposed to bring us into a stress state if a threat comes to us….our blood pressure increases, heart rate increases, cortisol increases, serotonin decreases, endorphins decrease, etc.  Basically it lowers our ability to be ourselves.

The body is supposed to be able to get out of that stress state when the threat leaves us.  Unfortunately, when the vertebrae misalign, the nervous system can’t function properly and we are held hostage in that stress state…that adrenal fatigue state.  It is adrenal fatigue because your adrenal glands pump out massive amounts of adrenaline when you’re stressed.

The vertebrae must be realigned to allow the nervous system to be able to come back to a normal relaxed ‘feed and breed’ state.  Once the spine is aligned and the nervous system is allowed to send the proper symptoms to the adrenal glands they send out the proper amounts of adrenaline for normal function.  Chiropractic care helps adrenal fatigue by realigning the vertebrae, allowing the nerve signals to get to the adrenal glands thereby facilitating the proper amounts of adrenaline.

Drugs do not fix the problem, supplements do not fix the problem, massage does not fix the problem…quite simply, Chiropractic care helps adrenal fatigue better than any other form of health care.


This article was written by bdeakin