Disc Degeneration / Disc Bulge / Disc Herniation

Disc problems happen over time…they do not result from someone’s back ‘going out’.

Disc problems happen over time as a result of accidents, injuries and traumas.  Most often, there are many small injuries that cause a disc to become weak and damaged.

These weak and damaged discs tend to ‘give out’ when someone bends over to pick something up, when there is a sporting injury, an incident at work, or even sleeping incorrectly.  The incident was the ‘straw the broke the camels back’.  It is not a lone incident…there were many things that lead up to someone ‘throwing out their back’.

If you examine someone’s x-rays that ‘threw their back out’, there is significant degeneration in the spine, arthritits and disc degeneration.  This spinal degeneration has been building up for years and the incident was just a manifestation of a long-standing problem.    Chiropractic can help correct damaged discs, improve mobility, reduce pain and also provide relief to people with low back pain.

At Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center in Burington we are experts at treating disc herniations, disc bulges, and degenerated discs.  We have x-ray proof that we can increase disc height, health and function!

Chiropractic can make a world of difference to how you live and function!