Dr. Brad Deakin – Chiropractor and Clinic Director

Our office is the farthest thing from a stuffy doctors office. The warm decor, friendly staff and fun atmosphere is very much a reflection of who we are as people. It is a caring, loving and professional place where people immediately sense how much we care, how much we enjoy helping others and our level of expertise. We have two chiropractors that have impeccable credentials and a great deal of experience to help you attain your health goals.

Dr. Brad Deakin

Dr. Brad Deakin’s exposure to chiropractic was quite unique. After suffering with sciatica, headaches and recurrent tonsillitis (for ten years) he was desperate to find a solution. He went to his physician to get some answers but he was told that he should try painkillers for his headaches, get some rest for the sciatica, and ‘just take antibiotics’ to deal with his recurrent tonsillitis as this was due to his “weak immune system…a genetic bad luck of the draw”.

Unsatisfied with the response, he decided to try chiropractic. After a short period of time his sciatica disappeared, never to return. His headaches became a thing of the past and his immune system became so much stronger that he essentially never gets colds or flu anymore.

He was so amazed with how chiropractic helps overall health that he resigned from a very successful career in the financial services industry and returned to school to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. After graduating on the Dean’s List, he stayed in California to perfect his skills. Feeling a calling to return home, he came back to Canada and opened Life Lounge Family Chiropractic Center right here in Burlington, ON.

His relentless pursuit of clinical excellence has led him to hundreds of seminars and conference across the world as both a participant and a speaker.

Dr. Deakin has also participated in many chiropractic missions across the world such as El Salvador, Honduras, Ground Zero in NYC, and India.

His thorough knowledge of multiple techniques (by hand, instrument, and by table) and his gentle adjusting skills make him an ideal choice as your family’s chiropractor.