OrthoticsOur Chiropractors are fully trained and are experts at assessing your custom made orthotic insert needs.

In fact, we are the best clinic in Burlington and the surrounding area for assessing your need for custom made orthotics.


Well…most chiropodists, podiatrists, and pedorthists look at your feet, watch you walk and then cast your feet for custom made orthotics.  We do all of those things BUT WE ADJUST YOUR FEET FIRST!  You MUST ensure the bones in your feet are moving well and are aligned properly…otherwise the other provider just takes a cast or assesses an improperly functioning foot!

Chiropractors are the only professionals that are trained in adjusting the bones of the feet to ensure your custom made orthotics are perfect for your feet and ease your foot pain and ankle, foot and knee problems.

The foot joints MUST be adjusted first!  We have the best training in the region and dispense thousands of pairs of custom made orthotics per year.

Quite simply, we are the highest rated, most trained foot care specialists in the area.

Custom made orthotics can help conditions such as: