Our Technique and Office Dynamic

What adjusting technique is best for you?

We take great care to ensure our chiropractors are trained in the most advanced chiropractic techniques in the entire country!  We are the most technologically advanced office in Canada and are consistently voted to be the best chiropractic clinic in Burlington, ON.

What makes us the highest rated?

We have the most advanced techniques, the best technology to assess, diagnose and treat your spine and nervous system, and we have the most effective and gentle touch when delivering the chiropractic adjustment. Our results prove it.

That being said, the technique a chiropractor uses to adjust someone is just as important as how gentle the adjustment is delivered. Before our staff started practice they had some chiropractors that treated them both gently and some more aggressively.  Needless to say all of our staff preferred a more gentle touch.

Throughout their careers, they have all cared for people ranging in age from 100 year olds down to babies (2 minutes old). As a result, their approaches are both gentle and effective. They have been trained by some of the best chiropractors in the world on an individual basis and through hundreds of professional seminars. Rest assured, you will be in great hands.

Dr. Brad Deakin has also been a speaker and a technique instructor at many international seminars.

Our chiropractors are trained in the following techniques:

  • Diversified (by hand adjustment)
  • Thompson (table adjustment)
  • Gonstead (by hand adjustment)
  • Activator (instrument ‘clicker’ adjustment)
  • C.B.P. (by hand and by table adjustment)
  • Nucca (by hand adjustment)
  • Toggle (by hand and table adjustment)
  • In-Utero Constraint Technique (historically known as Webster Breech turning technique for pregnant women) (table/hand adjustment)

In addition to being the highest rated, our staff also have a wealth of experience with both nutrition and physiology so all of your questions can be answered.

We will ensure you are balanced and your joints are working properly and are aging well!