The technology we have in our office is second to none.  In fact, Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center is the most technologically advanced office in the country.

We have cutting edge technology that allows us to detect, locate and correct your spinal, neurological and joint problems.

State-of-the-art Nerve ScannerWe have a STATE-OF-THE-ART NERVE SCANNER developed by the U.S. Space Agency.  Yes, the scientists that design, develop and manufacture technology for Astronauts.  It measures paraspinal muscle tension resulting from nerve signal quality.  It is more accurate than EMG machines that are in the best hospitals in the world.  It measures your nerve signals and paraspinal muscle tension down to 1/1000th  of a volt!  That is a smaller amount than your brain can even feel as pain.  As a result, this level of testing is like a crystal ball telling us what damage is happening now and what is in your health future unless it is corrected.

We also have an in-house DIGITAL X-RAY MACHINE that can give us an incredibly detailed look at your spine, joints and any arthritic and disc damage that may exist.  This digital x-ray machine not only allows us to see spinal damage and spinal degeneration, it allows us to show you the information in great detail.  This is a very important aspect of our office!  We take great time and effort to explain what degeneration exists in your spine.  In fact, our chiropractors look at the x-rays EVERY TIME A PERSON IS ADJUSTED!

Have you ever been tested through Nobel Prize winning science?  At Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center  we have Nobel Prize winning technology.  Not only do we focus on your spine and nervous system, we also look after your nutritionally!  We have the World’s only Anti-Oxidant Nutritional Scanner.  This incredible machine sends a specific wavelength of light into your tissue cells and if this light hits an anti-oxidant molecule in your tissue cells it reflects off in a different wavelength.  It is called the Raman Shift…for which Dr. Raman won a Nobel Prize for Science!  This shift can be quantified and can give is a very specific measurement of your body’s storage level of anti-oxidant vitamins.

 Digital Patient Management System Does it stop there?  NO!

We have a Digital Patient Management system and Touch Screen Computers that allow our chiropractors, registered massage therapists, naturopathic doctors and chiropodists to see your health history, xrays, nutritional scans, health history, and nerve scans every time you are seen to ensure the best treatment that exists.  We also encourage our patients to look at their information as often as they wish to ensure they are seeing progress not only in how they feel, but in their spinal and joint structure.

We also have Keyfob / Swipecard technology to ensure all of your health information is readily available to help us help you.  This technology allows you to ‘carry’ all of your health information with you so we don’t have to use old paper charts or files…it is all stored digitally to ensure efficiency and privacy.