One of The Most Technologically Advanced Chiropractic Offices in Canada


Our Burlington, Ontario Chiropractic and Health Center is different for many reasons…our technology and our doctors use the latest techniques and scientific principles to get you to be the best version of you that you can be.

Our chosen chiropractic technique is Spinal Reconstruction. This focuses on the reconstruction of the spine by rebuilding the cervical (neck) and Lumbar (low back) curvatures. This is done through spinal adjustments, curve restoration devices, tractioning, proprioceptive exercises, neurological retraining and stretches. The most important of these is the chiropractic adjustment.

Physics, engineering, anatomy and neurology clearly prove that normal curves must exist in the spine. If they aren’t proper, the spinal cord gets crushed in the spinal canal, spinal stenosis develops, arthritis develops on the vertebrae, the discs degenerate, and the spinal nerves get pinched.

We go to great lengths to ensure this is addressed and corrected.

Our Chiropractic Doctor Dr. Brad Deakin.

Dr. Brad Deakin is our lead doctor and clinic director. Dr. Brad Deakin started Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center back in 2004. He looked at the various clinics in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas and Grimsby and didn’t feel as though they were offering the best techniques or technology and generally didn’t offer the public the best way to get them healthy.

He then started his own clinic in Burlington, Ontario…and Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center was born.

Dr. Deakin had a successful career in the financial service industry but didn’t see many happy or healthy people in that field. He was soon ‘called’ into Chiropractic. He instantly loved it and loved its philosophy. Even before getting into Chiropractic College, attended 26 chiropractic seminars. After graduating on the Dean’s List he had attended over 130 seminars and had even been asked to speak at international seminars as a student. Clearly he had found his calling.

Dr. Deakin spends countless hours studying, perfecting, and implementing the most advanced techniques and research findings to help his patients get the best care possible.

His commitment to Jesus Christ, his family, his patients and his profession keeps a smile on his face and keeps his heart happy.

If you would like to be cared for by Dr. Brad Deakin, please ask for him specifically.

Our chiropractor practices Spinal Reconstruction. To attain our goal of Spinal Reconstruction, he uses the adjusting technique that works best with the patients body type, level of ease/relaxation, amount of degeneration, problem/complaint, daily presentation, etc.

Dr. Brad Deakin, our Clinic Director, is skilled at:

  • Thompson technique
  • Diversified technique
  • Chiropractic Biophysics
  • Paediatric (child) Adjusting
  • Toggle
  • Gonstead
  • New Life Cervical
  • Activator
  • Webster Breech Turning Technique (Intra-Uterine Constraint Technique)

Each patient progresses at different rates due to a variety of factors. If a person has spinal degeneration, disc degeneration, spinal arthritis, poor ergonomics at work, previous accidents, injuries and trauma, etc, the recovery rate slows. If a person is active, eats well, isn’t overly heavy, and has little spinal and disc degeneration then the progress is very quick and most often the person is out of discomfort within a week. However, fixing the problem and getting out of pain are different things. The problem is the hidden reason that the pain shows up. Almost always, the pain is the last thing to show up but it’s the first thing to leave. We fix the problem that causes then pain. Pain is the most common way the body lets you know that there is problem…pain is not the true problem.

The length of the visit varies from person to person but the most important aspect of the visit is clearing out any interference in your nervous system. By moving the vertebrae and reinforcing the correct curves in the spine the nerve signals become proper and your body can be the self-healing organism that God designed it to be.

As far as the length of the visit goes, most visits are between five to ten minutes long. It is not the length of time that is important, it is ensuring that the subluxations (misaligments that cause nerve interference) are corrected. We adjust the spine, reinforce the correct curves in the spine and ensure all the vertebrae (neck, mid-back, low back and pelvis) are moving correctly.

A person’s care frequency is always dependant on their state of health, desired outcome, amount of degeneration on X-rays, level of pain, amount of disc degeneration, symptoms, age, previous accidents, injuries, traumas, and numerous other factors. All of these factors in combination help us determine how often a person needs to be seen.

Yes. While our doctor is a man of faith…he is a Chiropractor of proof. The techniques we use have been found to make major changes in a person’s x-rays and make massive improvement in the health of the individual. As such, we analyze your X-rays before any care begins…additionally, we look at your X-rays EVERY TIME YOU ARE ADJUSTED to make sure we are targeting specific areas of your spine and pelvis to ensure maximum improvement that is MEASUREABLE on your X-rays.

Chiropractic X-Rays are taken on ALL ADULTS and on many children. Not every child requires X-rays…however most children over the age of 3 should get films if there is any history of trauma, symptoms or postural indicators.

Yes! Children benefit tremendously from Chiropractic care. Our Burlington, Ontario chiropractic clinic sees many children. In fact, we likely see the most children for chiropractic care in all of Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Ancaster, Waterdown and Dundas. Our clinic director and lead chiropractor, Dr. Brad Deakin did a one year post graduate paediatric chiropractic course 15 years ago and has added to his clinical experience every day since. In our office, children usually race to get to the tables before their siblings!

The technique that we use to adjust children is different than that of adults.