Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and DepressionAnxiety and Depression are serious problems not only in Burlington, but also across Canada.  Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession have convinced people that it is a type of genetic problem.  This could not be farther from the truth…anxiety and depression is not genetic.

There is a difference between Genetic and Familial.  Genetic means that it was handed down to you through your DNA…the chemical blueprint from your Mom’s eggs and your Dad’s sperm.  Unfortunately, people looking for an answer will grasp at straws and cling to any hope given to them, even though the genetic explanation is untrue.

The only truth to low serotonin levels is the level itself…not that it is a genetic or bodily dysfunction problem.  Serotonin levels are influenced by exercise, nutrition, sunlight, your direct personal environment (family, friends, occupation, etc) and, most importantly, nerve pressure resulting from spinal misalignment in the upper neck.

Your brainstem is one of the largest producers of neurochemistry…the chemistry that influences and directs your mood, attitude and feeling of hope and wellness.  When the vertebrae in your upper neck are misaligned it puts pressure on the brainstem resulting in neurological interference AND THE PRODUCTION OF YOUR serotonin, endorphins, glutamic acid, epinephrine, nor epinephrine, GABA, dopamine, etc..

When the levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters are reduced, mood changes.

Doesn’t it make sense to increase levels of neurotransmitters naturally instead of taking pills to artificially change your chemistry?  The term ‘natural’ means without supplements or drugs.  Naturopathic supplements are still drugs…less researched ones.  Often, these have been found to have just as many side effects as pharmaceutical products.

Doesn’t it make sense to help your body to deal with it naturally instead of taking drugs that have been shown to increase suicidal feelings, are addictive and have been proven to induce weight gain?

Our Burlington chiropractors are specially trained in dealing with upper neck misalignments and with treating anxiety and depression naturally rather than through drugs or naturopathic supplements.

Quite simply, the best chemist in the world is the doctor inside of you.  Let’s get your internal doctor to fix it without chemical interference from drugs or supplements.