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Corrective Chiropractic Restoring Hope For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can sometimes be difficult to figure out, as there are a number of reasons for shoulder pain.  Pain that originates in the cervical vertebrae is less obvious, and is often ignored, or treated incorrectly providing temporary relief,  or leaving the individual in pain and frustrated for lack of answers.  This was the case for Helen, who came to Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center because she had been long suffering with severe shoulder pain, and numbness radiating into the affected arm. She had tried several different therapies directed at her shoulder issue, as well as pain killers and prescriptions, but the pain would return, and continued to get worse. She was losing hope, and, in fact,  said chiropractic treatment was her last hope.  She did not know her shoulder pain was the result of poorly aligned spinal vertebrae, which were affecting the nerves supplying her shoulder and arm. This was discovered after a complete assessment, nerve scans, and digital x-rays, which allowed Dr. Deakin to determine the health of her spinal vertebrae and the nervous system, and helped him to focus his treatments on correcting the poorly aligned segments of the spine. In Helen’s case, she experienced relief of her long standing shoulder pain after only seven chiropractic visits, but she continues to receive chiropractic adjustments to correct and maintain the alignment of her spine. Part of the process of her care was helping her to understand the importance of the spine and nervous system, and the difference excellent chiropractic care can make.

Here at Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center care is focused on the process of  restoring the correct spinal curves so the nervous system can function properly. Pain relief may be one of the advantages of restoring the correct alignment of the spine, but it is not the primary focus of corrective care, because degeneration and deterioration due to incorrect spinal alignment and nervous system function, can occur below our ability to sense, until it is far advanced.  The nervous system which is responsible for movement, sensation, the proper functioning of tissues and organs, and every aspect of the body and life, relies on proper vertebral alignment for its proper function.  So, while you may have thought the focus of chiropractic care is to correct the spine for immediate symptom relief, it can be, but it might only provide a temporary solution. We are looking for a more long term solution.   

Check out the video above to hear Helen’s story of losing hope, then having it restored through the process of restoring the proper alignment and curvature of her spine.