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Helping Arthritis Pain and why arthritis happens

Arthritis happens for a very common reason.  It happens AFTER AND ACCIDENT, INJURY OR TRAUMA (95% of the time).

A person has a physical incident…the tissue around the spinal joint gets damaged and scar tissue (aka fibrous adhesions) are created.  These adhesions are less flexible and less elastic than the normal tissue that was there pre-accident.

The new tissue is less elastic and causes different forces to go into the joint.  As such, the bones and discs in that area actually remodel themselves as a way of adapting to the new forces.

That is the arthritic process.  Eventually spinal degeneration starts, disc degeneration starts and then, years later, range of motion decreases and pain finally shows up.

The problem has been there much longer than the pain has.  However, most people recognize pain as the problem rather than understanding that the problem is the altered mechanics and joint degeneration.

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