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Discussion on Standing Work Stations

The question is:

Is the stand-up desk good for me or bad for me?

Now, that depends. What a stand-up desk does is it helps a person stand-up to do work and it helps put that arc back in the low back. And having that arc is fundamentally important. Its important to have an arc in the low back and its important to have an arc in the neck.

So that’s why people feel better, because your body wants to have those arcs. When you are seated, what happens is the pelvis goes forward a little bit and it flattens the low back for most people. Now, we don’t really want a flat low back. God built you with curves and arcs in your body for a reason. They basically help absorb the force from gravity.

So, another example of losing the curve or losing an arc is when your head is forward when you are at your computer. We want to try and make sure that those curves exist because when the curves don’t exist it puts:

  • abnormal stresses on the joints
  • stress on the front of the vertebrae
  • most importantly it puts stress on the nerves
  • It tractions the nerves and it puts stress on the central nerve cord

Now that’s a big deal, stress on your central nerve cord has a massive cascade of affects.

It can affect:

  • the nerves that go down into your toes
  • you can get numbness tingling
  • loss of sensation
  • loss of blood flow and temperature in your feet
  • muscle cramps
  • low back pain

Wherever those nerves go if the signal is compromised the function of that tissue can be compromised. Again, having those curves is fundamentally important but a stand-up desk is not the solution.

You want to go see somebody who is very skilled at rebuilding those protective arcs, so you don’t need a stand-up desk.

That’s what we do here at The Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center, we rebuild the protective arcs, get the pressure off the nervous system, get the spine and the joints moving properly so you don’t have the symptoms and the problem that causes the symptoms.

My name is Dr. Brad Deakin we have a lot of different videos on our website that reinforce proper ergonomics, the need for proper curves, and a variety of different things.
Please check them out.