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What Causes Arthritis

Most people don’t know that their cell phone is a cause of arthritis.

Let me explain. Most often when people are fiddling around on their cell phones they are in a hunched over position. Their heads are forward, the shoulders are forward, their arms are forward, and the upper back is in a C shape. This position puts an extra gravitational load on the front part of the vertebral bodies. When there is a continual and repetitive mechanical stress on the front part of the vertebra, they grow.

The way that the bones react to the stress is by growing. The bone cell types begin to change from normal bone cells to bone building cells. These cells are called osteoblasts.

There is a continual mechanical load from poor posture while on your cell phone, computer, laptop, driving or desk work. This causes slow changes to the shape of the vertebra. As such, the vertebra grows lips and spurs on the front. These lips and Spurs are called osteophytes aka spinal arthritis.

In fact, the spine breaks down 300% faster by poor posture than by ageing alone. That being the case, always be very careful about your posture when you’re using your electronics.

One of the problems with poor posture is that it puts a tensile or tethering stress on the central nerve cord, so it can affect your entire nervous system.

Your nervous system controls every single part of your body and is solely responsible for your state of health. If your nervous system is compromised, your health is compromised.

At Life Lounge chiropractic and health center in Burlington Ontario we are specifically trained to make postural corrections. We rebuild the protective arcs that are supposed to be in your spine and take the pressure off your nervous system.

We very much encourage anybody that is doing desk work, repetitive stress activities, computer work or any work that requires abnormal ergonomics to Call our office and book a low-cost initial exam.

The initial assessment is very thorough, and it includes two state of the art nerve scans and a full spinal assessment, in house digital x-rays and the doctors report of findings where we explain everything to you and actually teach you to read your own x-rays. There are only a few of these discounted examinations left so please contact our office today at 905-632-1895