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Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Have you heard of sacroiliac joint dysfunction? Curious to find out?

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is incredibly common, and it is uncomfortable. The sacroiliac joint is a combination of two different bones:

  • The triangular sacrum
  • The ilia

The sacroiliac joint is basically the joint between those two bones. To locate the sacroiliac joint on yourself poke down to your extreme low back and on each side, you will feel bumps. Its incredibly important for those joints to work well and to move properly. The problem is that there is no disc in that joint like there is in the spine. The ones in the spine are freely movable because of the disc, the sacroiliac joints have to move a small amount, but there is no disc in there. So, if they get stuck it can cause a lot of low back pain and it can actually even irritate the nerves that run down the back of the legs and cause sciatica. So, having a very well functioning sacroiliac joint is hugely important. Everybody wants to take glucosamine, chondroitin, joint complexes, and omega’s and these are fine and dandy. But it doesn’t fix the joint dysfunction. That’s what we do.

We believe that you need specificity to fix things like this. Now, like I said those supplements are really important, but nothing can replace a chiropractic adjustment. You need to make sure every single joint in your body moves properly or they break down 300% faster than by time alone.

My name is Dr. Brad Deakin I’m a pretty good chiropractor, I’m coming to you from Life Lounge chiropractic and health center in Burlington Ontario. Here at this chiropractic center we specialize in pelvic dynamics, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, and proper curvatures. We’re very very skilled at it, we have patients that come to our clinic from all over southern Ontario because we have a very specialized technique. And we can prove it on digital x-rays. We have a digital x-ray in house that helps us draw lines, measure discs, draw angles and curves. Its very specific.

It is the best deal around. Its an amazing opportunity for you to know exactly what is going on, rather than guessing. We totally encourage you to take advantage of this reduced fee. You can contact us through our website at or you can call us at (905) 632-1895. Please call us quickly because these reduced fee initial exams can’t last forever, and we are very inundated with new patients. So, if you would like your low-cost exam please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank you.