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Harvard University

This article by publishing material by Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School talks about 3 surprising risks of poor posture. First, a medical school is talking about posture that is not their skill set. Without a question, chiropractors know more about spinal biomechanics than any other profession. But that’s besides the point.

The point is that when a credible institution like Harvard health publishing puts out information it misleads people and it points them towards issues that are of minor importance when there are significantly more important issues that come along with posture.

There’s a small paragraph at the top of the page it talks about back problems and neck problems, but then it goes and talks about things like other postural problems that take up about 6-8 paragraphs. It lists a problem related to poor posture, the first on the list is incontinence. Then it talks about constipation, and it talks about heart burn and slow digestion.

If you have poor posture there are a lot of bigger problems you’ll have than incontinence, constipation, and heart burn and slow digestion. I can promise you, your nervous system is being affected. As soon as you lose proper posture and you sitting around fiddling on your phone, or you are at a computer when your head starts to come forward there are 3 major things that happen.

First and foremost, the central nerve cord. The things that keeps you alive and healthy gets a lot of tensile, and tethering stress. It degenerates, and it affects the signals from your brain down to your body. That’s a big issue because it can affect every other system in your body.

The second thing is when your head starts to come forward it puts extra stress on the front parts of the bones and the joints. And it causes and accelerates arthritis. Of course, pain and discomfort increases, loss range of motion, there a lot of big problems that happen.

The third thing that can happen is when your neck posture starts to come forward it can increase pain and discomfort in the joints. So, there are 3 major problems that this article doesn’t even broach. Why wouldn’t you want to go to a chiropractor regarding spinal biomechanics, and neurological issues for information? This is our skillset. Chiropractors are the unsung heroes of your nervous system and your skeletal system.

Dr.Brad Deakin

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