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Solutions for Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Teeth Grinding

Neck Pain

Solutions for neck pain, headaches shoulder pain and teeth grinding are extremely common Google searches. You will be pleased to know that solutions for these common problems are listed right here!

One thing to keep in mind when looking for solutions for common aches and pains is that you should always look to the cause of the issue rather than dealing with the symptoms. All too often when people are looking for a solution to a problem, they look for anything that will have the fastest effect. Sadly, the first thing most people turn toward is a pharmaceutical approach. This is often a quick resolution to discomfort but it is not actually addressing the problem.

Let’s look at shoulder pain for example. There are many sources of shoulder pain…and many solutions to make the pain go away. Doesn’t it make sense to look at the source of the pain? Most often people have issues in their neck that are the REAL CAUSE of the shoulder problems.

Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and teeth grinding are often associated with problems with the nervous system and how the nervous system is dealing with your internal environment and the external environment.

When a nerve is being impinged (pressed on, pinched, etc) the signal that goes to the target organ or tissue is compromised. If the signal is not getting to the tissue properly, how can it function correctly? Quite simply, it can’t!

The only way for muscle tissue, a gland, or an organ to function properly is to ensure proper flow of nerve impulses to it.

If you have subluxations (misalignments that impinge nerves) in your neck you often end up with headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and teeth grinding.

The best way to solve teaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and teeth grinding is to make sure your neck is clear of misalignments to ensure proper communication between your brain and your body. This is vitally important to ensure your body works at its optimal level.

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