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Neck Pain, Chiropractic and Arthritis

Spinal Arthritis is NOT caused by AGE !

scientific proof
text neck and poor posture starts neck pain, arthritis, disc bulges and disc herniations!

This is probably what you been told by your medical doctor.  However, the truth is, arthritis and spinal degeneration are most often caused by previous accidents, injuries and trauma.   This is how it works: You’re going through an intersection…and all of a sudden boom !  Do You have an accident.  (or a sports injury)

It seems minor at the time but the original elastic flexible tissue in your neck (or back) becomes damaged.  It may seem minor at the time however it is very dangerous long-term. The new altered mechanics generate fibrous adhesions and scar tissue. This less flexible and less elastic tissue cause the joints in your spine to move differently than they used to.  So instead of having flexible and elastic tissue, you have tissue that restricts and changes range of motion of the joint.  As such, normal movements and  normal activities change the input into the spinal joints and overtime.  The spinal joints adapt and modify themselves to the new forces that are being put into them. The changing function of joints and changing shape of the bone is arthritis that you’ll see 15 to 20 years later. Whenever an accident happens, it is always the start of spinal degeneration. So at Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center in Burlington, Ontario we are very adamant when speaking with people…it is very important to get their spine checked as soon as they have any abnormal physical incident…no matter how minor they think it is.

Additionally, repetitive stress and strain makes a massive difference in the spine over time.  It can cause neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, muscle spasms and muscle tension.  It can even a loss of dexterity and strength in the arms and hands.  Text neck become a serious problem and we’ve actually noticed spinal degeneration, spinal arthritis and disc degeneration in 12 year olds due to the advent of handheld technology!  Text Nick is a serious matter and people should avoid using their smart phones as much as possible…or at least having proper posture when doing so.  The best idea to help your neck pain is to raise your arms rather than lowering your head, change your habits and come to see us.  We have been rated to be the best chiropractor and best chiropractic clinic in Burlington, Ontario.