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Sciatic Nerve

I love treating people that have sciatica. The reason? I had it myself when I was a young man. It was absolutely debilitating I could barely walk and by the third hole of golf I was in such pain that my golf game was terrible! My golf game might’ve been very poor for other reasons but the Sciatica was extremely impactful. I had never experienced that kind of pain before.

To make a long story short, I discovered chiropractic care and I also researched specific ways to help my sciatica.

The chiropractic care was extremely effective. I had a complete return to health and was 100% pain-free.

Then, I noticed something else. I had a complete restoration towards normal health… more than just getting rid of sciatica. I had more energy, I felt more mentally sharp, I felt more in touch with myself, and I had a sense of well-being. I was so surprised to personally experience how this type of chiropractic care transformed me into a better, healthier and more efficient person.

It was such a dramatic return to health and such an amazing healing from sciatica I decided to quit my job to go to chiropractic college.

To prepare for chiropractic college I attended 26 chiropractic seminars before entering the undergraduate courses that were required before being accepted into chiropractic college. By the time I graduated from chiropractic college I had attended the approximately one hundred and four chiropractic seminars to help me become the best chiropractor I could be.

I am 100% committed to the people I care for I want to transform Burlington and the surrounding community into a region where people are free from nerve interference and pesky health issues that they haven’t found a solution for.

The care that we offer in her office is second to none. Every patient’s health history is thoroughly examined. We also take two state-of-the-art nerve scans to determine muscle function and nerve signal quality. Then, we go further! We teach each and every patient to read their own x-rays so they understand exactly what’s going on. We don’t just show them their x-rays. We teach the patient how to read them and understand so that they can understand why we may, or may not, make certain care suggestions.

It is an extremely thorough process. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only office in the area that offers this thorough assessment process. Life Lounge Chiropractic and Health Center in Burlington, Ontario is considering to be the premier office in the region. We have been voted Burlington’s best chiropractor and Burlington’s Best Chiropractic Clinic many times over in our 15-year history.

My name is Dr. Brad Deakin… I am the best chiropractor in Burlington.